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Do you ever get the feeling you are trying to drink from a fire hose? These crazy times of late have many of us feeling that way. Do you feel like you are working harder than you ever have yet you can’t conceivably figure out how to be better organized, less stressed and more successful? We get it, for life in the wine industry has gotten more interesting, as well. Apparently, everything about our romantic industry, including the occasional Brettanomyces strain, is under a microscope. Brett, as the spoilage yeast that can be found on grape skins is referred to as in the business, is particularly sensitive to sulfur dioxide, hence, the introduction of the sterilizing compound to arguably “faulted” wine. It doesn’t seem to be as easy a fix for the remaining elements of our beloved industry--one of the fastest growing beverage industries in the world. Looks like we’ll have to continue to make great wine and keep prices honest and congruent with production costs ---sounds like a good start, anyway. Additionally, ACME will continue to find the best of the best so you don’t have to waste the time you don’t have price-checking and unhealthily worrying whether you’ve purchased a legitimately stunning wine. It’s our job……….not that we have the time to do it anymore ;)

We’ll start with a brand new wine, definitely worthy of a spotlight, a Kahuna (limited club membership) selection, a couple of last calls and our most recent First right of refusals released to you today!

STELLAREESE, CABERNET SAUVIGNON, NAPA VALLEY 2007 $33 (376.20 by the 12 pack case)
When Rachel and Geoff Davies embarked on a love of this infectious industry, they had the talents of her boss Greg Brown of T-Vine Cellars and his right-hand man Fernando Candelario (owner and winemaker of his own label, Voces) to guide them. Finding a great source of fruit for this label perhaps didn’t come simply, but serendipitously. As they describe, living in the small town of Calistoga, if you let people know you are looking for something, it will likely appear. Just as a fruit contract previously held between Jack and Marcey Smith and Chateau Montelena came to an end, a new relationship started for Rachel and Geoff. This 2 acre vineyard yielded 300 cases of fine, Napa Valley, stellar 2007 vintage fruit. The characteristics include a deep purple hue with balanced tannins, structure, dark fruits and spice. Now, this is what we’re talking about.

We feel so inclined to mention this wine to you for many reasons. We love it, that’s the first. You’ll love it, that’s the second and THE foundation of all of our offerings. Then it is also important to make known the winemaker who learned under Thomas Brown on so many projects, Mr. Jeff Ames. He is slick, talented, intelligent and humble—yes, all that and a bag of chips, we say. Just to really drive this project home, think Peter Michael, perhaps. It is a top quality Knights Valley winery that has brought so much joy to wine drinkers and collectors alike. We know the potential this Ames project has. We know it is difficult to take leaps of faith especially in economically unstable times. However, consider the leap just became a sashay when you have before you a panel of discerning palates who placed this wine in the high-end Kahuna Club (we choose the 3 best bottles of wine we try each month) immediately upon tasting it, a bonified winemaker, a vintage to go down in history and a project building steam amongst aficionados country-wide. Slam. Dunk. 6 bottle maximum purchase.

If you have been buying wine from us, you know our system of letting you know when the new vintage of a previously purchased wine has become available. You don’t have to mark your calendar DAILY to ask us if something you purchased and loved is into the next vintage. WE DO THAT FOR YOU. Below is the list of most recent FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL wines that have already been offered to previous vintage buyers. They took what they need and now, as the FRR rule goes, it is your turn as this ACMeLOG signifies the availability to everyone:

2007 TOR Cimarossa Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon- $75
2007 TOR Mast Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon- $75
2007 TOR Rock Grenache/Syrah- $40
2007 TOR To Kalon Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon- $150
2008 TOR Cuvee Torchiana Chardonnay- $53

Celia Welch—think BIG, because she makes a big list of GREAT wines—this may be a sleeper, but we seem to recall several of hers were sleepers before the scores hit the streets and then the wines were GONE! 6 bottles maximum purchase.

Mark Herold and Kevin Carriker. 2007 Kobalt! Yes! FYI, their new project, Window Pane was released here last week: $34 and smokin’ good.

RUNQUIST, COOPER, BARBERA, AMADOR COUNTY 2008 $24 ($273.60 with a 12 bottle purchase)

2007 Skewis, Pinot Noir, Corby Vineyard, Anderson Valley $43 ($490.20 with a 12 bottle purchase)
2007 Skewis, Pinot Noir, Lingenfelder Vineyard, Russian River Valley $45 ($513 with 12 btl purchase)

ORIN SWIFT, SALDO, ZINFANDEL, CALIFORNIA 2008 $28 ($319.20 with 12 bottle purchase)
Dave Phinney’s Zin, Petite Sirah, Syrah blend………..watching the Prisoner achieve the popularity it has is so beautiful. We’re ready to see what heights Saldo takes across the globe for a powerful denouement to the Zin dynasty.

The ever popular LAST CALLS:


  (From Stagecoach, Temple and Bennett Ranch Vineyards!)

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