Staff Pick (Angela)


Staff Pick: Matteo Correggia, Anthos, Vino Rosso 2013

ACME: You work at a California Wine Shop.  What makes this import so gosh darn delicious?

ANGELA:  The Matteo Correggia featured in ACME's Pulse Club last month is the perfect summer red!  Light and bright with refreshing acidity and mouth-watering fruit.  I love it with a slight chill on it.   It has been a guest at every backyard barbecue I have had this summer so far, wish I had a glass of it and a burger right now…

ACME: How have the first few weeks at ACME been going?

ANGELA:  Now that I have had a crash course in all of the computer skills I forgot while working the floor “somming” for years, it’s great!  And couldn’t ask for a cooler group of people to work with…  :)

ACME: What’s the biggest difference between working in a restaurant and working retail?

ANGELA:  A different/gentler kind of tired at the end of each day/night…

ACME: If you could only drink from one wine region for the rest of your life, what would it be?

ANGELA:  Variety is the spice of life.  And the Loire is full of it!  From crisp Sauv Blancs and fragrant Chenin Blancs to fruity Gamay and Pinot Noir and earthy Cab Francs to delicious bubbly, they have all bases covered and do it well.  Hard to get bored with those wines…

ACME: What’s your favorite food and wine pairing?

ANGELA:  Potato chips and Champagne

ACME: What movie are you stoked to see this summer?

ANGELA:  Magic Mike XXL, of course.

We are too, Angela, we are too….