Staff Pick (Erin)

ACME's GM, Erin Sullivan, on her new favorite wine.

ACME - "Erin. Spill."

Erin - "I think Kaitlyn & Jon Keyes's 2014 Albariño, Dropout, is tops. I have a personal affection for the high-low concept of this wine. It's from a very quirky part of this great state -Isleton- and the name pays tribute to Jon's route from college to winemaking, but the juice itself is so refined and elegant. Just enough silkiness to temper Albariño's natural acidity, and the 12.5% alcohol is pleasing too."

ACME - "So is this what all of the pregnant St. Helena ladies are drinking?"

Erin - "I might be 8 months pregnant, but that just means my nose is sharper than ever. And once June rolls around, I'll be glad that I have this socked away for post-partum refreshment."