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Karen Williams



Karen’s first introduction to the world of wine began while she was visiting her parents in Missouri one summer while finishing up college at the University of Georgia. They took a day trip to a quaint winery in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, and were offered tastes of different wines to be enjoyed with an assortment of artisan cheese and fresh bread while overlooking a pastoral view from tiered decks off the tasting room. This indelible image and unique experience instilled the vision of one day owning a similar place of her own. After years of extensively reading wine books and taking wine classes while living in Breckenridge, Colorado, she realized these educational acts simply weren’t enough to take her closer to her dream of being surrounded by vines, wines and other wine enthusiasts like herself. She dropped everything and moved to St. Helena in the heart of the Napa Valley and took a position as a cellar rat with a boutique winery. For two years she completely immersed herself in the production side of wine. But, with a whole world of wine out there, she began looking into other aspects of the wine industry that best suited her growing interests. As fate would have it, a new wine bar opened and Karen was instrumental in transforming it into a thriving place for locals and tourists alike promoting flights of wine to excite and challenge the palates of even the biggest wine aficionados. Spearheading a wine bar at this local hot spot and developing a program that launched new wines from the Napa Valley became the most satisfying portion of her career path. Next step? To open a truly inimitable wine shop. Enter ACME Fine Wines, a gallery-style wine showroom, off the beaten path and down a country lane in St. Helena. The business plan? To specialize in discovering and launching the finest of the inaugural release, Napa Valley brands while keeping a secondary focus on the lauded wines of the world. And, to best showcase the principles of excellent customer service, clients and wine club members receive access to these micro-production wines, often on an exclusive basis, in the very first vintage and then on an allocation level for each vintage thereafter; it is like being on multiple preferred mailing lists, managed entirely by ACME. Next time you are in St. Helena, stop in, say hello, and discover the hidden gems for yourself.



Lauren Van Ness

General Manager

Lauren Van Ness, a Colorado native, first discovered her undeniable love of food and wine while competing as a member of the United States Alpine National Ski Team, traveling to Chile, New Zealand, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Austria for competitions. It was here, in each of these remarkable settings while immersed in the various cultures and communities that she became charmed by restaurants, the dedicated individuals that operated them and the lasting memories she took along with her following the loveliest meals.  

In 2004, Lauren retired from ski racing and moved home to Colorado to study Communications at The University of Colorado in Boulder. In a town that was once considered the “Foodiest Town in North America” by Bon Appétit, Lauren knew this would be the perfect place to tap into the industry while putting herself through college. She began working for Centro Latin Kitchen, and it was here that she felt inspired by her work and began to understand how food and beverage worked in harmony, complementing the Chef’s vision.

In 2009, a once in a lifetime opportunity was presented to her, and Lauren relocated to Napa Valley to accept a position at the world famous restaurant, The French Laundry. During her eight year tenure there, she trained in seven different positions until stepping into the role as Maître ’D and Director of Private Dining. Lauren learned that the true meaning of hospitality is “how you make someone feel.” She recognized that every guest and their needs were different, therefore she and her team worked dynamically in order to deliver the highest level of hospitality and service. To complement the daily changing menu, the service team would customize wine accompaniments to suit each guest, which is what led Lauren to discover a desire to dive into the world of wine. While pursuing this dream and inviting new challenges to her career, she joined the ACME team in March of 2018.

There is a quote from Maya Angelou that will forever stick with Lauren: “I've learned in life that people will forget what you said and they will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."  Lauren holds a BA in Communications from the University of Colorado, and a Second Level certification from the WSET.


Angela Stem

Director of Sales & Private Clients

Angela Stem began her love for food & wine in the small resort town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas at the age of seventeen. Working under the tutelage of Chef Linda Hagar at her restaurant, The Cottage Inn, she was able to learn and appreciate the art of food and wine and from there stemmed a desire to travel the world further exploring her passion and love for the culinary arts and increasing her knowledge of the vast and mysterious world of wine. Almost twenty years ago, she traveled to Napa Valley for the first time and immediately found a connection to the people, the land, and the way of life that is California wine country.

In addition to working as the General Manager of Bordino’s restaurant in Fayetteville, Arkansas and General Manager of Ghidotti’s and Wahso, part of the award winning Bill White Restaurant Group in Park City, Utah, she also worked as a wine consultant and manager for the Springdale Liquor Association, a conglomerate of liquor and wine stores in northwest Arkansas including the largest wine store in the state. While there, she also wrote monthly wine articles for two different magazines, Celebrate and Citiscapes, and achieved her Certified Specialist of Wine certification from the Society of Wine Educators.

Now, twenty years after coming to California wine country for the first time, Angela is fulfilling her dream of living and working in the Napa Valley, one of the happiest places on the planet. After spending three years working as a sommelier for PRESS Restaurant in St. Helena, which is known for having the world’s largest Napa Valley wine list dating back to the 1950’s, she brought her knowledge of Napa Valley wines and beyond to ACME in 2015. She completed her Wine & Spirit Education Trust Advanced Level 3 Course with Distinction and is currently working through the WSET Diploma Program. She looks forward to sharing her passion for wine, both near and far, through ACME Fine Wines. When not trotting through the valley trying to find her next, new favorite Napa wine or having her head down in her studies, you can find Angela cooking and entertaining for friends or playing in her garden.


Michele Bergeron

Wine Club Coordinator

Michele, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, has extensive experience working in a variety of fields, from floral design, to financial advising, to insurance, to marketing, to medical office management, but can confidently state that no other field has the perks and positivity that the wine industry can offer. 

Years back, Michele traded in grits and biscuits to spread her wings and explore New England with her beau, later husband. Together, they shared a special relationship with her husband’s boss/cousin, a noted wine collector, who generously shared his treasures with Michele and Nate. A bottle of Château Mouton Rothschild on a Tuesday with burgers was always most welcome… and an amazing learning opportunity!

Their honeymoon in Saint Helena led to an introduction to ACME’s owner, Karen. Who wouldn’t fall in love with landscape, food, people – and of course….wine? Their first meeting, enjoying the view and vino on the balcony of Auberge du Soleil was the start of a beautiful friendship.

When the opportunity arose for Michele’s husband to work at a Saint Helena winery, that once in a lifetime offer was too good to pass up. They welcomed the change from a Massachusetts winter filled with snow and a toddler climbing the walls to California sunshine, amazing wine and a new adventure! As fate would have it, ACME’s GM was about to have a baby, and Michele’s considerable administrative skills and customer service acumen was just what our team needed in a temporary office manager. 

Only thing was, her warm, welcoming and gracious touch was just too good! Michele proved to be the perfect addition to ACME Fine Wines. We were so grateful to have her join the team full time in the fall of 2015.

Her pride and joy is her sweet daughter Lily, born in 2011. Outside of the office you can find Michele giggling with her family, taking a yoga class or enjoying a beverage in the backyard.


Liz Murray

Hospitality and Client Relations

Liz first discovered her love of food and wine when she was living and working in North Carolina. Having studied textile design at UC Davis, she traveled to the remote hills of North Carolina to work at the esteemed Penland School of Crafts. There, she managed three textile studios and hosted both instructors and students from all over the world. In the evenings, she worked part time at one of the only restaurants in the sleepy mountain town she had made home. This particular restaurant, called Knife and Fork, was truly one of a kind. Every morning, farmers would drop off bins of produce and the chef would make up a menu which changed every day. Liz was blown away by how much creativity came out of that kitchen, and after two years of burning the candle at both ends, decided to leave the arts in order to pursue a career in food and wine.

After many years away, Liz wanted to move back to her home state of California. She was looking for a community that would offer her great exposure to the culinary arts as well as some of the slower aspects of country living that she had grown to love during her time away. Napa Valley fit the bill.  Figuring she had nothing to lose, Liz applied to the Restaurant at Meadowood. If you’re going to learn, you may as well learn from the best, right? Much to her surprise, she got the job, and spent three years working her way through many positions and soaking up everything she could. Her favorite part about working at such a high level was being able to make something so challenging look completely effortless. For Liz, this is true hospitality. 

At the end of the day, it’s relationships and community that matter most to Liz. So when an opportunity to work at ACME was presented, she was thrilled at the idea of taking the skills that she honed at Meadowood and sharing them with the people who make Napa Valley their home. She is our newest member, having joined the team in April 2019. Her goal at ACME is to really tune into the rich community of winemakers and hospitality professionals, and learn how to best represent the projects that they are so passionate about. 

When Liz isn’t at ACME, you can find her hiking at Skyline, dining at her favorite haunts with friends, or at home in her studio sewing a new summer dress.


Danny Felix

Fulfillment & Logistics

Danny has been in the Napa Valley his entire life. This would normally seem like a long time but in his early adulthood you could make the argument that it isn’t. Growing up in Saint Helena he has always been surrounded by the vines.  Whether it was walking to school, running to the soccer field on his summer days, or just taking a walk, the beauty of the Napa Valley had always surrounded him. Although to be honest he didn’t know much about the wine.

Fresh off of graduating from High School, Danny was already working at a local Italian coffee shop. Later on he went on to work at an Agriculture shop in the little town of Calistoga. He then somehow made his way to The Culinary Institute of America. Heard of it? Yeah, us neither. (Insert laugh here) Although all great places to work at, none of them seemed to fit. Until one finally did.

Danny began working at ACME Fine Wines in May of 2014. He started out as just a part time employee but four years have now passed and he is now here full time. Our youngest and yet our senior employee.  He loves working at ACME and he couldn’t be happier!

"ACME is where it’s at. If you aren’t shopping here, then you sure need to. The team is amazing, the wines are even better, and it just all combines perfectly for the experience of the Napa Valley.”

He currently lives in Saint Helena. When he isn’t at ACME, he’s either preaching about the Bible, playing soccer, hanging out with his friends, or just eating tasty food. Life is good. 



Jonathan Rodriguez


As the youngest member of the ACME team, Jonathan understands the importance of being a reliable and focused teammate in order to best support the team as a whole. He first joined ACME in 2015 working alongside the fulfillment team until an urge couldn’t be ignored and he felt it was time to broaden his experience in the hospitality industry. With an open mind and an affinity for providing the best quality product and service possible, he began work at a local bakery in town, as well as at a hip, new restaurant in Yountville. It was at these two establishments that he was able to refine his skills and cultivate new ones. With his love for wine reignited and his brand new passion for going above and beyond in the realm of service realized, he returned to ACME Headquarters where his new skills would serve the ACME team and its clients well.